Back-up generator pumps life back into river – 31 July 2013

New Back-up generators will prevent raw sewerage and industrial waste from being discharged into the Palmiet River during power outages.

31 July 2013 | Mariclair Smit

RESIDENTS living along the Palmiet River can now experience better quality water down stream, thanks to the back-up generator commissioned by the eThekwini Waste Water network operations.
According to Mike Hebbelmann, area engineer for Waste Water Network:Operations branch, the first step which was one of three back up power generators, was commissioned at the Blair Road sewer pump station in Pinetown last Tuesday.
“This means whenever there is a power outage in the future, raw sewerage and industrial waste water from Pinetown and New Germany industrial areas will no longer discharge into the Palmiet River,” said Hebbelmann.
He said two more generators at Birdhurst pump station and Methven pump station will be rolled out over the next six weeks.
Hebbelmann said there are also plans to place back up generators in Hillcrest – at the Heritage Market, Stonewall Road and Hillcrest Shopping Centre in the next couple of months.
While all can be thankful about the new back up generator, residents have been warned that this generator will only kick in if there is an interruption to the power supply, and will not work if the internal cables are stolen.
Lee D’Eathe, a resident living along the river, said people who have reported that the river no longer has bird life, fish and crabs, can be assured that this will recover quite well now, with the good quality of water flowing down stream.

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