What you get as a member

PRVC members get to contribute toward achieving “A pollution free Palmiet River Valley”, and…

> Securing and enhancing property values.
> Achieving a healthier, safer and peaceful environment to live, work and play in.
> Developing, sharing and implementing best practices that protect the natural environment.
> Produce, and distribute news, suggestions and community development.

Membership types

There are three types of membership…

Individual – this is for people who are living in the Palmiet River Valley and want to be a part of what is happening to change things in the valley from a conservancy point of view.

Corporate – businesses in the Palmiet River Valley can be a part of the change that needs to take place by signing up as members and getting involved in activities.

Student – young people with a interest for the environment in the Valley can sign up for a reduced cost.

Registration fees

Individual – Cost R100p/a | Corporate – Cost R100p/a |  Student – Cost R20p/a

One member gives immediate family access to all events.