The Palmiet River Valley Conservancy has under it’s umbrella the following projects…

Return the Palmiet Plant

This is the flagship project. The Palmiet Plant is extinct in the valley of the Palmiet River – which is rather ironic. The aim of this project is to re-introduce the plant into the valley. Click here for more details.

Palmiet River Watch Project

The Palmiet River Watch is a project that has been going since 2012. The aim is to rehabilitate the river to it’s former glory.

Let’s Talk Rubbish

Imagine a litter free river habitat…that’s what this project aims to do. Click here for more details.

Palmiet River Rehabilitation Project (PRRP)

Infrastructure systems need to be revisited, throughout the Palmiet River valley to stop, and undo the damage caused by outdated development, design, construction, and maintenance practices.